A little tart…

We’ve been saying we’d do this for weeks. Finally, on New Year’s Eve 2013, we actually sat down and did it. Matt and I decided back around Thanksgiving-time that it was really necessary for us to blog about the antics and adventures that go on around here; material that the Internet absolutely cannot continue to exist without.

So, who are we? Well, I’m Missa. I’m 27-years-old, and would describe myself as a frustrated creative spirit who is presently living in the Great White North, and an avid lover of running, red wine, Doctor Who, travel, and just about any form of creativity I can somehow use to express myself. There’s a small human who calls me “mom”, and a min-pin who only uses me for body heat and kitchen mishaps which result in ample human-food being spilled on the floor (it’s cool though, he’s cute, so I keep him around). I have a guy named Nate who has managed to tolerate my antics for about 5 years now, and we celebrated our third wedding anniversary earlier in December. He’s the level-headed member of this household for sure. ¬†Academically I’m a University of Wyoming alum with a BA in psychology (also known as: the most expensive piece of wall art I own). Professionally, I’m a travel agent. It helps me support my need to see¬†all of the places.

Most people call me Matthew. My drivers license says that I am 22, but the majority of the time I have the behavior pattern of a 12 year old. I am forced to live in the frozen tundra that is Minot, North Dakota. I maintain the Air Force’s fleet of B-52H’s that are stationed at Minot AFB. Most of my friends would tell you that I am involved with everything you could imagine and that I know too many people. I enjoy watching Doctor Who and knitting. In my free time I like to drink a nice glass of moscato or cheat on my wine with a shot of tequila.

So yeah. ¬†Introduction is done. And seeing as how it’s NYE, expect a post in the very near future with forthcoming shenanigans.

That’s basically it. Two people, a frozen tundra, and a lot of shenanigans.